Connie Beck

I love creating beautiful jewelry. Since I was a child I've been fascinated with making things, especially out of uncommon items. I was raised in the mid-west and moved to Washington in the late 60's. From the moment I saw the awesome scenery and striking colors the Pacific Northwest has to offer I was hooked on the outdoors. Over the years I've enjoyed camping, hiking, fishing, kayaking and gardening. I have been greatly influenced by my outdoor experiences. This has left me with deep admiration and appreciation for God's creations. It's also inspired me to create.

Over the years I've explored many different creative outlets. My longest artistic relationships have been with glass. I am completely mesmerized by beautiful glass and what you can do with it. Stained glass and fused glass art have long been my favorite ways to express myself, until recently, then I got into beads. Each beautiful bead has its own characteristic and personality. The variety of ways to combine and form them into a piece of jewelry is endless. It's my new passion. Stones, gem stones and silver are my favorite. The natural organic quality of the stone and metal along with my love of glass is a perfect fit for allowing me to express my love of the outdoors through the jewelry I can create. I hope you love it too.