Kristol Jones

I began developing my style while in the undergraduate art studio program at the University of California, Irvine in the early 1990’s. My focus was primarily sculptural with major emphasis in free-formed ceramic sculpture and installation art and minor emphasis in painting and photography. After graduation in 1994 and relocation to the Pacific Northwest, I sidelined my art ambitions for a ‘sensible’ career in real estate analysis and appraisal. 2008 presented me with a series of increasingly difficult and life-altering circumstances which ultimately led me back to art.

While my style has always been abstract and often with evident humor, I find that my current body of work reflects the reawakening of my creative spirit and healing from the devastating 2008 events. The work incorporates mixed media, found objects, salvaged/repurposed materials, photography, paint and texture studies.

I employ bold colors & textures throughout my works. Nearly all works feature a repurposed element such as paintings on scraps of wood left over from construction, resin pendants with found items encased in them or glassworks with repurposed bottles & glasses. Yard sales, thrift stores, a local handy-man, friends & several college students keep my art supplies plentiful. Thank you to all who 'suffer' along side me & my family for my art. I literally couldn't make it without you!

I have walked a path that many artists walk. I spent years suppressing my art while trying to conform to perceived expectations of me and fit into the mold of a ‘business professional’. In the process, I lost myself, my sense of purpose and my passion for life. A family tragedy forced me to re-examine my place in the world. Rediscovering art has been my saving grace. Allowing myself to return to work as a productive multi-media artist has heralded a return to my spirit and my family. I have reinvested in my art and in doing so, have reinvested in myself. My style, themes and work has changed greatly over the years. While my work has always been an outlet for investigations of texture and color, my current works reflect a great deal of healing and the discovery of an amazing peace which I never felt in my earlier years.