Terri Shinn

Terri Shinn has had a needle in her hand from an early age. Born in Idaho, she comes from a long line of quilters that helped shape and influence her passion for textiles. Her journey continued in Alaska, where she was awarded “Juror’s Choice” at the Earth, Fire and Fiber Show at the Anchorage Museum of Fine Arts in 1989. Also that year, she was commissioned by the Anchorage Zoo to work with Annabelle the elephant. Annabelle painted fabrics that Terri used to create quilts for the zoo to auction off at a benefit event.

Since that time, Terri’s artwork and techniques have continued to evolve. Now living in Washington, her work has been featured in numerous books, regional, national and international shows, and included in private and public collections. In 2005, she was named the “Snohomish County Artist of the Year.”

She views experimentation as an essential part of the process, and looks to her sense of humor and outlook on life for inspiration. Terri especially enjoys the discovery process as she plays with a multitude of materials, experiments with different textures, and tackles new techniques. As she often says, she’s always looking for new ways to “torture” fabric.