Yuming Zhu

Medium, Oil, Pastel, Sumi

Style: Transism,

What I paint: Music. Emotion and Passion.
Tech: Emotional Reactive Approach: Lyrical Impression and Idealist Expression
Characters of my art: Moody. Lines, forms, shapes, colors, cultural motif transforming from one to another to arouse people to look at the world in a different way.

What I do can best be described in the beauty of music. I choose fluidity over a static composition. I love to paint music! I invite the viewer to rely not only on their eyes, but on the inner music evoked by the painting. I try to use rhythmic pulsing patterns throughout the painting to give it a cadence, taking unexpected harmonic jumps with line or color. A bold color palette is woven throughout the painting to create emotions in the same ways a musical piece draws us in. At times, I feel music informs me how to paint more than the act of painting itself.