Jeremy Johnson

I was born and raised in western washington, growing up mainly in Lynnwood and Everett but I've lived all over the place from Seattle to Burlington. I began playing drums at the age of three, picked up on guitar at 10 years old and progressed to various other instruments.
In the year 2000 I started writing, arranging and recording my compositions onto a multi-track recorder which allowed me to perform each instrument seperately, and through trial and error, I came to understand the fundamentals of arranging and that composing music was more than just 1....2....3....4 .....and that by combining certain combinations of instruments/timbres provided certain textures and colors. The more instruments and genres I became familiar with  - the more I could see that the possibilities are endless, and that making a song is much like painting or architectural work.

I write 10 to 30+ pieces of music a week and have done so consistently for the last 12 years entirely out of my love for music.

Since 2007 I have been performing my music live with close colleagues and fellow musicians all over Western Washington.
Next to performing at clubs, bars, festivals we have also played several relay for life cancer benefits and canned food drives as well as free shows whereupon I donated all the money to small local business's.

As far as I know I am the only 25 year old composer/bandleader in WA that writes the music,records each instrument, produces the recordings, designs the artwork, books the shows, designs/prints the flyers, hires the musicians, teaches them the parts, supplies the instruments and transportation and does not allow any drugs or alcohol during rehearsals or performances, all out of my own pocket, time and love for music.