Diana Yakowitz

Born in San Antonio, Texas,. As a child, my photographer father gave me my first camera and I opened the back of it and exposed all of the film. That unforgiving experience made me want to know more about this miracle of making images from light. I worked in technical circuit drafting photography in California, and then offset printing photography (half tones) in Tucson in the 1970’s, all the while doing my own artistic work using a variety of film formats. While mostly self taught, I studied photography under Louis Carlos Bernal, David Burkhalter and Harold Jones. I earned a BS, MS, and PhD from the University of Arizona in Physics, System Engineering and Systems and Industrial Engineering, respectively, and worked as a research scientist for the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) for many years. During that time I continued to photograph, participate in shows, volunteering at a local photo gallery and then acted as curator/owner for t he gallery Salon Q in the Café Quebec in Tucson until it closed. I left my research position at ARS in 2000 and latter opened a small gallery called The Limelight on 4th Avenue in Tucson, closing after a year to devote my time to my own art work. I also produce mixed media works using light boxes, xrays, ink, gold leaf, wood – combining photography and sculpture. I have shown my work mostly in Tucson and Washington State where I split my time between homes.