Karen Ulvestad

Karen was born and raised here in the Puget Sound area, and now calls Edmonds her home.

Her inspiration comes from the outstanding beauty of the natural world. Her work reflects a deep respect for all living things, and the wholeness of the eco-system. Whether walking on a local beach or exploring the Oregon coast, she studies the environment, composes the image, and creates the photograph.

Her work encompasses the migratory and local birds, especially those situations that tell stories. Besides birds, she focuses her camera on wildlife and the environment.

The biggest influences on her work comes from the classical artists, and photographers like Ansel Adams, Bryan F. Peterson, Art Wolf, Gerry Downs, and Dewitt Jones.

She teaches workshops through the City of Edmonds, the Pacific Northwest Art School, and the Sitka Center for Arts & Ecology (Oregon Coast). She speaks at local Bird Festivals like the Skagit Valley Eagle Festival, and Puget Sound Bird Fest.