Earth and Moon

Earth and Moon by Tracy Fraker

Acrylic, 2010
Snohomish County Courthouse - 5th Floor
Everett, WA

"About the Work :: Even non-representational art should give a reassuring sense of purpose. Paintings need to be about something. I feel strongly that creating a feeling of depth is important – both visual and of meaning. My paintings are built in layers. Literally there are layers of color, texture, images and mixed media when it supports my concept. But also layers to the imagery. They can be viewed literally or symbolic of larger ideas.

Themes I revisit are symbols of time passing: Cycles and patterns of nature: seasons, celestial, stones, trees/leaves, bird wings, clouds/sky/atmosphere. Also symbols of our perception of time passing, our relationship to time. I love the analogy of thread, weaving, woven textures.

I am an experimental painter. I love to find new and unusual ways to make my paintings unique...For me, cutting edge is creating new ways to assemble the visual." Tracy Fraker