Spider Chandelier

Spider Chandelier by Julie Rall

Oil on Plexiglass, 2010
Snohomish County Courthouse - 2nd Floor
Everett, WA

"These paintings are reverse painted on Plexiglass. The acrylic panels provide a contemporary and synthetic sensibility to balance the organic forms of the painting. Working on the back of the pane makes the paint look like it's still wet. I design and paint the image in reverse like a print. The paintings rely on a measure of chance as each layer of paint has to dry before the next one can be painted. Once dry, the painting cannot be reworked. The image is built up with several layers of transparent and opaque oil paints, alkyd paint, powdered pigment and 18k gold leaf. The painting is mounted in a clear Plexiglass shadow box. This gives my work a feeling of substance and lightness at the same time." -Julie Rall