The Hero's Haircut

"The Hero's Haircut" by Lucien Knutsen

Photography, 2013
Robert J. Drewel Building, 7th Floor
Everett, WA 

Near-invincible superheroes need haircuts too, but theirs are a little more labor intensive.

Lucien Knuteson is a Seattle-based conceptual portrait photographer.  Born in Wisconsin in 1979, he moved to Washington in 2003 and earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in commercial photography from Seattle Central Community College.  Lucien's colorful images typically tell humorous or quirky stories, and are often digital composites that can take weeks or months to complete.  In addition to this creative personal work, which continues to appear in galleries, magazines, and places of business in the region and beyond, he shoots assignment work for a number of commercial clients; he really only does all this because he enjoys it